HawkTales (from Saint Joseph's University)


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Times to remember:
TOP LEFT shows Saint Joe's in an "Eastern Regionals" game against West Virginia University (March 13th, 1959)...in a wonderful article, written by Gerry St. John, we read about the scrappy Saint Joe's squad, the smallest team in the tournament, being described as "The best team in the tournament" by opposing coaches and whose best defensive player, Joe Spratt, was described by legendary coach Frank McGuire as having played Jerry West "like a violin"...while in the game, he completely shut down the fabulous West but WVU won the game only after VERY dubious referee calls that removed Spratt and most first-team Saint Joe players at an NCAA record-setting pace. 
TOP-RIGHT, we witness a beautiful moment: "The CAT" is decapitated by "The HAWK"...could anything be sweeter?! 
BOTTOM-LEFT, we see future "Secretary of the Navy" John Lehman joyously driving the MGA with "Honorary Hawk" Al Tegler beating the unforgettable big drum in the back seat...these young men were and still are Saint Joe fanatics!!! Saint Joe'

OLD & NEW PICTURES & Memorabilia

Buttons, old pictures, "Dinks"...they may take some of you older Hawks back to your time on Hawk Hill where a coat and tie were required and a female classmate was a distant dream.  As you browse the pages of HAWKTALES, memories will flash before you: time will stand still and you'll return to the Palestra, to Hawk Hill, to images of Barbelin Tower...the unchanging, classic, stone icon that welcomes all and is landmark both physically and emotionally...you may remember your first day at "Saint Joe's"...you may remember carrying a full load of books past Finnessy Field (now Sweeney Field) and watching young men chasing a soccer ball or you're walking into the gym...where you might stand in awe as NBA Star "Wilt the Stilt" Chamberlain tossed a few practice free throws with that signature, underhanded, back-spin toss, the ball slipping from the tips of his long fingers...and there's Matt Guokas with his inimitable smile and "Doctor Jack" the genius coach and builder of great Hawk teams and there's Coach Jack McKinney, handsome, self-assured and like Doctor Jack and other Saint Joe coaches, bound for the NBA.  For younger fans, you'll have a "Hawk's Eye" view of the great Coach Martelli years.

Welcome home to Hawk Hill!